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General Health and a Good Emotional State

Following are tips to boost your health using feng shui fountains, salt water cure, plants, air, light, color, and sound. All of these means will help to purify the energy in your home, increase the healthy energy Chi, decrease the unhealthy energy Sha Chi, and thus promote health.

Fountains: Fountains are an extremely powerful feng shui cure. Water is the source of life, and humans consist of 60% water. Fountains create a soothing and relaxing sound that helps to reduce the everyday stress and tension. They help you feel better, similar to how you feel in nature. Moreover, fountains add moisture to the air and emit healthy negative ions. You can place them anywhere you want, except for the bedroom, as it may disturb your sleep.

Salt water cure: This purifier captures the bad Sha Chi energy and improves health; this feng shui health charm can be purchased or made. It is made using a pilsner glass, salt, six Chinese coins, and water. It is placed where you want to purify or boost the energy, such as the health zone, wealth, love, or career zone. You need to be careful not to touch it or move it too much. The glass will start to form crystals from the “captured bad energy”; it needs to be replaced when a number of larger crystals build up; it needs to be discarded in a sealed container.

Indoor plants: Plants purify the air and promote positive energy Chi. They can be placed anywhere in your home; plants with round leaves will also help to boost wealth.

Air: Air is essential to humans – we breathe in air every few seconds. Air is like an invisible fuel for our bodies. The feng shui health tip in regard to air is to open the windows in your home/office frequently, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time.

Light: Light has a large impact on humans. The best light for us is natural light, and the worst is the flickering fluorescent light. Fluorescent light bulbs have become a part of our interiors. Many people use them in corridors, and even kitchens and bathrooms, as these light bulbs cost less and last longer than regular ones. However, fluorescent light is extremely bad for health – it has been known to cause dermatitis, bipolar swings, fatigue, and headaches in some people. TheĀ feng shui health tip: replace fluorescent bulbs with regular wherever you can, and try to create more access for natural light in your home.

Color: Colors impact our mood and feelings. For instance, green is neutral, blue is relaxing and soothing, while red is energizing and agitating. If you suspect that your rooms have wrong colors (colors that you don’t like), consider redecorating these rooms using the colors that make you feel good.

Easy Health Tips

Sometimes the little steps we take (consistently) make the biggest impact, so why not try one or more of these five easy health tips to create a better and healthier you? It only takes twenty-one days to establish a new habit, and today could be “Day One.” Remember this, the Titanic would not have sunk had the guy in the Crow’s Nest not lost his binoculars, and little efforts can yield big results, which could mean the difference between sinking and staying afloat!

1) Eat Plain Oatmeal

You know that oatmeal that comes in the round cardboard container? That oatmeal is the one I’m talking about. You just mix some water into the oatmeal till it’s fairly good and soaked, heat in microwave for about 45-55 seconds (that’s SECONDS) and then drizzle some honey over it. You don’t even need milk because the honey gives it enough liquid. Of course you can always add some berries and milk if you don’t particularly care for bland.


  • Fiber in oats will keep bowel movements more healthy, and as the old adage goes, “better out than in.”
  • The insoluble fiber in oats has cancer-fighting properties.
  • The soluble fiber in oats slows down the digestion of starch, which might benefit diabetics in particular, because slower starch digestion may avoid sugar level spikes that come after meals.
  • Eating oatmeal regularly has been proven to help ward off heart disease and because oats have phytochemicals it has cancer-fighting properties also.
  • Oats are a good source of vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper, iron, manganese and magnesium; as well as protein.

2) Drink Water

Okay, I know they say you should drink around eight 8 ounce glasses per day, but even if drinking four 8 ounces glasses daily would be better than nothing. The human body NEEDS water to survive, and no amount of other liquids will give you what good old water will. Of course it’s best to drink filtered water, and occasionally one should detox with distilled water. (But don’t drink distilled regularly because it can cause mineral deficiency.)


  • Increases energy
  • Enhances fat loss
  • Combats headaches and fatigue
  • Reduces hunger
  • Hydrates skin, which could even make one look more youthful.

3) Walk…Walk…Walk

  • Lowers LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol)
  • Raises HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol (“good” cholesterol)
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Manages weight
  • Helps maintain strength
  • Calms the spirit and clears the mind

4) Chew Your Food Properly

No matter what you may think, digestion starts in your mouth. Your saliva contains enzymes that start the digestion process, and the enzyme, alpha amylase, breaks down the starches into smaller molecules that your body converts to energy. Then there’s lingual lipase, an enzyme that starts digesting the fat content found in food. And we won’t even go into indigestion…suffice to say, if you suffer from it you might try chewing your food better.


  • Better digestion with less gas and bloating
  • Brings out the flavor of foods more
  • Better assimilation of the nutrients in your food
  • Better energy after eating

5) Morning Stretch (Before You Start Your Day)

Stretching is the act of focusing on lengthening the body’s muscles in order to increase muscle flexibility and range of motion. Starting the day with a morning stretch is very beneficial-not only for working out the kinks received from your night’s sleep, but also to prepare your body for the day’s labors. And if you’re someone who has an extremely physical job, then it’s all the more important. It’s one of those simple things you can do each morning that truly makes a difference in how you’ll feel throughout the day.

WARNING: If you’ve never been instructed in how to properly stretch, then you should Google “stretching” and learn about it before starting your stretching regime.


  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Enhances muscular coordination
  • Increases circulation of the blood
  • Increases energy levels
  • Helps to keep spine in good alignment (your chiropractor will like that)
  • Can be very relaxing, which can help to de-stress.

Health Tips Are Bountiful

I knew that the time had come to change my habits. But I only wanted to change one at a time. Sure it will take longer to accomplish all the goals I have set, but this was a plan that I knew I could work with to change my health.

So to get healthy, my first step is to quit smoking. That decision was made and now I am working forward to do so. It has now been two months, and growing. Sure it is difficult but I know that my online business was not going to work with negativity hovering around it.

Commitment to health and wellness is a personal decision. We make these types of decisions every day; smoking while drinking with friends; going to eat lunch at a certain restaurants; going to a bar on the weekend; speaking only to friends about our opinions; or sleeping in when we know we should be getting up to get things done.

A healthy habit of changing changes us!

Training our brains begins within the depths of our soul. When the time is right, it is simpler to commit to a process because what we were working with before wasn’t working. Changing of our habits are only effective once we commit mentally to making a change. You see, it is a personal decision.

Humans are typically stubborn creatures. We don’t want to believe people we do not know to tell us what we should do to improve. How could they know what is best for us? They don’t but if we are ready to listen to real words, our changes begin to take shape.

If we are ready for health tips or training systems, our personal health and wellness is near. We are ready to begin a training system, a change in our eating habits and then we begin seeing results. As results are seen, don’t you get excited about yourself? You get happy about what you are looking like, feeling like and then someone states how better we are looking.

Wow, what a thrill!

Do you know when you are ready to move on your decisions? What is it that takes you to be motivated to change your habits?

Once we do know what these factors are, the sooner our personal habits improve. Our entire lives change when our habits improve. It does take motivation to make this happen. But once something happens that heightens our motivation, these bad habits will go away; replaced with good quality habits.

The big issue is to have support figures around us to keep the motivation moving forward. Each of these individuals is critical to the health tips we know, the training systems to follow we know and for making our own discussions about others. These discussions to others become attraction marketing procedures about what does work for us. When you get affirmations, you continue to improve, and want to improve others.

Health Tips To Help You In Keeping Goats Successfully

If you are one of the many people who are planning to raise goats, you should know this at this early point that raising goats is not an easy task most especially if this will be the first time that you will be able to experience it. However, even though this is the case for most people, it should not mean that you cannot do something about it to make the process easier. Another problem that people actually encounter when they decide to raise goats in their farm is the fact that they do not really have a clear picture of how the breeding process should be done. As a matter of fact, only a few people who are currently raising goats are really aware of what they are doing when it comes to keeping the health of the goats in check. Because of this, this article will give you some health tips that you can use to become really successful with raising goats.

First of all, you have to always remember that the food that you give your goats is very crucial when it comes to how they will turn out when they are fully grown. Having said this, one very important detail that you should keep in mind is the fact that giving your goats food that has too much preservative in it is not good. As with human beings, preservatives can become harmful to your goats’ health that this can even be the cause of their death. In addition to this, you also need to be aware that if you have just purchased your goats, it is important for you to discuss with the previous owner the specific diet that the goats are used to. Know that sometimes the changing of a goat’s diet will cause them to acquire different illnesses. On the other hand, if you find out that your goat only needs to eat common types of food that normal goats eat like grain, hay and fodder, you should incorporate them with water to promote an easier digestion.

You should know that raising goats should not be a hard process for you even if you are just a beginner; you just need to remember that all you have to do is to allow yourself to know all the vital information that you need to be able to become successful in the end.